Should Bowie High School start teaching self-defense?

Jewrell Binder, Reporter

According to some teachers and students, self-defense is important and schools should start teaching kids how to protect themselves while out.

Barton, a teacher at Bowie, feels conflicted if self defense actually makes kids safer. He is worried kids will learn harmful defense moves and hurt someone but for the average person that just wants to protect themselves he thinks it’s safer for them. Barton said he didn’t think self defense classes would be popular at first if offered at Bowie but he himself has given classes a try.

“Yes, I tried a few self-defense classes,” Barton said.

Senior Xavion White he feels like self-defense is right for the kids because anything can happen nowadays it’s best to be prepared, and students will be safe going out because they would know how to defend themselves. He thinks if Bowie started this class it would be popular and also states he would attend the class because he thinks it would be fun.

“Knowing and learning self-defense, kids will be more safe,” White said.

 Junior Zion Chapple says he would rather suggest kids go to a boxing class or to a gym. He feels like the people at Bowie High School would attend the self-defense class because people like to fight and also for fun. He also took boxing classes related to self-defense.

“This isn’t a movie,” Chapple said. “ People are not going to walk around doing Jackie Chan moves if you don’t go to a boxing class or something or gym and get fit.”