Holiday break!!

Holiday break!!

Zainab Mounshed, Reporter

Christmas break is right around the corner so not only being able to spend time with your loved ones and friends but also being able to have two weeks off from school sounds like what we all need as students and staff. 

 But, even if someone didn’t celebrate Christmas there are still many things one can do during the break. Such as, play video games, hang with friends and family, sleep in, etc whatever the case may be it’s all the same just without the “Merry Christmas!” instead you can say “Happy Holidays!!”

​​Therefore, here is what the following students and staff members have to say about their coming Christmas breaks. 

After being asked what his favorite things were about Christmas day, senior Reginald Taylor said 

“Well, my favorite things about Christmas are being able to spend time with my family and open gifts with them and even maybe going outside to play with them all,” Taylor said

But, there are many people who don’t celebrate Christmas for religious purposes or simply just because they don’t like it. So after being asked what he would be doing if he was in that position, junior Landon Lopez said

“I would probably just be chilling playing video games or sleeping in because I do that a lot during breaks anyways, it’s really no difference, ” he said.

Lastly Christmas is a day meant for showing love, giving, and receiving and when being asked what’s one thing security guard Jane Meeks would really really want she said 

“Alone time,” with a laugh afterwards.

So you see, all because Christmas break has “Christmas” in it doesn’t mean you have to celebrate. What matters is that you are feeling safe and happy during those times, mentally, emotionally, and physically.


Happy Holidays!