Bowie Sub Shortage

Adeija Montalvo, News Reporter

An ongoing problem going on here at Bowie is the sub shortage problem. Why is it so hard for Bowie to find subs to cover for a teacher who is out?

Substitute coordinator Linda Thompson says that the biggest reason why we are having this shortage has a lot to do with the Covid 19 pandemic.

“Since Covid 19, most subs have retired early or just flat out quit which has caused a big shortage,” Thompson said.

Covid-19 may be the biggest reason why Bowie is having a shortage but it’s not the only reason. Many teachers have been quitting recently and schools are scrambling to find long term subs until they can find a permanent replacement, and recently the subs haven’t been able to do long term.

“I’m about to go into maternity leave in a couple of months and I’m already trying to find a sub because I know it’s gonna be a struggle,” Spanish teacher Diana Oyola-Morales said.

It’s really hard to find teachers who are willing to cover last minute and with all the teacher absences, that’s been a growing problem. Covid-19 really made a big difference, before Covid it was really easy to find subs, but after a lot of subs quit or retired early.

“When teachers unexpectedly leave, it’s a hassle to try and find people at the last minute, and ever since Covid, that’s how it’s been,” Thompson said.

When a class has no teacher or sub, that always leads to another teacher having to cover a class or take the class and combine it with their class, which becomes an extremely large class. Many coaches here at Bowie have had to cover the classes with no teachers.

Softball Head Coach Cera Holder says that during her off periods she usually has to go and watch a class or just bring them to her classroom. She’s also not the only coach who’s had to do this. Football and Boys soccer Coach Stewart says he spent the whole last week of the semester covering classes which was a lot to handle.

“The very last week of the semester was rough because I was jumping from class to class to watch the students there,” Stewart said.