PBL:P-Tech Strong

Juan Guzmán, Reporter

With the semester coming to an end, P-tech students start the month off strong with a challenging, but educational project, the PBL.

The PBL (Problem-Based Learning) is an annual project P-Tech students work on that is based on real-world scenarios that aim to improve teamwork and communication.

Pharmacology and DC Med Term teacher Professor Erin Tolman believes it is beneficial because students get a deeper level of understanding and learn skills better than in a direct teaching classroom.

“I love doing Problem-Based Learning because it is exemplary as to how the real world works in healthcare,” Tolman said.

This is the sophomore class’ third project and their PBL will continue to be improved as the years go by.

“[Students] are learning to work together as a team and be a collaborative member of a team which is a soft skill that you need throughout your life,” Tolman said.

Sophomore Star Escobar feels that she has gotten more used to the PBL and feels she understands it a lot better.

“We’re understanding it better from our first PBL,” Escobar said

Although she was assigned her group, she has grown fond of her teammates and works really well with them

“I’m actually very fond of them,” She said. “Turns out that I’m working quite well with both of them.”