Prioritizing School

Johnny Bang, Reporter

On a daily basis in our lives, teens and adults go to work or school everyday. As each and every one of us have different lives, we all have different things we do besides going to work and school. With all of these things we deal with and experience each day, we are still able to prioritize school and work.

Students have to deal with school, work, and personal life every single day. Junior Alera Grumbles works at two different jobs while also having to attend school.

“Before coming to school, I rush to get ready and get to school,” Grumbles said.

The fact that we are at school for most of the day, means that we don’t have a lot of time left before the day ends.

“I stay up late to do things,” Grumbles said.

Students stay up late due to many reasons like not having enough time to do things they enjoy or things that require more time to do. With school taking most of our time away, we still find it important to do work. Grumbles explains why she stays up late on school days.

“When I stay up late, I do my homework and get my bag ready for tomorrow,” she said.

As a student, we all have a future ahead of us and we can decide what our future can be. From Grumbles perspective, school makes it important to her because of her future.

“What makes school a priority is my future or my future being successful,” Grumbles said.

Not everybody has the same routine for the morning. Junior Tiba Alkhafaji prepares herself for school by getting ready.

“I do my makeup, my hair, bed, perfume, and deodorant,”. Alkhafaji said.

Alkhafaji manages her time for school by doing her work during times where she can do them like at home.

“I do my school work and missing assignments at school and during my off period,”. Alkhafaji said.

Every student has their reasons for school being a priority. Alkhafaji’s reasons for school being important is because of her grades and wanting to graduate with a decent GPA.

“Things that make school a priority are my grades, graduating with a good GPA, and friends,”. Alkhafaji said.

“If I don’t pass, I won’t be able to go to the school that I want to go to,”. Alkhafaji said.

As a teacher, Lisa Engelsman teaches science related subjects. Engelsman has to get up every morning to feed her mother, eat, and then come to school where she can get prepared for all her classes.

“I get up and feed my mother, eat breakfast, come to school, and read through my emails to see if there is anything important.” Engelsman said.

From a teacher’s perspective, Engelsman prioritizes her work by finding out what’s most important and getting that done first.

“I figure out what’s most important,” Engelsman said.

A teacher can manage their time effectively for work by preparing and grading assignments. Engelsman has four subjects to teach, and follows the TEKS.

“I don’t burn out, prepare for assignments and lessons, and grading,” Engelsman said.