Tardy Sweeps

Adeija Montalvo, News Reporter

Tardy sweeps have been a new addition of rules at Bowie that were added this year. A tardy sweep comes after the tardy bell rings and is used to get everybody out of the hallway and in the classrooms.

“We use the tardy sweep to get everybody out the halls so that they can get in the classroom on time,” Principal Lee Jones said.

Using the tardy sweep has gotten a lot of kids out the hallways lately and has been working, according to Jones. Although the Bowie students aren’t big fans, it is allowing them to be on time to class and is reducing the amount of tardies kids have.

“I was caught in a tardy sweep, and yes I was mad at first but ever since I’ve been on time to every class,” Sophomore Alexis Lewis said.

Teachers have a big part in the tardy sweep as they are not allowed to let their students in their classroom until they are notified by admin, which usually comes 10-15 minutes after the tardy sweep.

“I’ve had to not let a lot of my kids in my class because of the tardy sweep and I don’t like doing that, but they come on time for the next class so I like it,” English Teacher Amber Green said.

Jones states that the tardy sweep has been effective, the students are now more aware of the tardy sweeps and have been getting to class in a timely manner like the school wants them too.

“Sitting in a small auditorium for 15 minutes doing nothing isn’t fun and no student wants to do that, so they all have been taking the time to get to class early,” Jones said.

According to Principal Jones this new rule is really making the kids more aware of how much time they have to get to class and more and more students are reducing their tardies and being on time.

“I like the tardy sweep, it holds our students accountable for being late and it teaches them to get to class the next time early,” Jones said.