Should Texas get rid of the STAAR?

Abdi Ali, Reporter

Should Texas get rid of the STAAR? Today I asked 2 students and the Bowie test coordinator what they think of the STAAR and if it should get removed.

Bowie test coordinator Frank Zarro says he doesn’t think the state will get rid of the STAAR


“They’ve been talking about it for years. I don’t think they’ll get rid of testing completely. It seems like they change the STAAR every 4 years, But I don’t think they’ll get rid of it completely,  Because the state feels like there has to be a test to see what the students know,” Zarro said.



Ibrahim Hussien, a  junior, thinks that the STAAR test is not good for students’ mental health.


“I think that the STAAR is bad for students’ mental health, and it puts too much pressure on us,” he said. “When I think about the STAAR I get really anxious and stressed about it, like what if I fail and I have to repeat the year.”

Mohammed Ali, a junior thinks there’s a better alternative for the STAAR.

“A better alternative for the STAAR is report card grades, I think it’s better because it doesn’t really put too much pressure on students unlike the STAAR. But at the same time you can still see what the students know and what they learned,”Ali said.