Top 10 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Top 10 Valentines Day Date Ideas

Shelby Bilodeau and Nataly Lugo

Movie Marathon: Have a movie night. Rent movies from Redbox or stream them on Netflix. Cuddle up and enjoy a relaxing night in.

Book Smart: Go to a bookstore and read through books together about your common interests. Don’t actually buy the books, just pick a cozy bookstore where you can hang out and enjoy reading there.

Game Night: Play board games together – and maybe invite another couple over to join you. Double dates are double the fun.

Epic Blanket Fort: Build a blanket fort and watch your favorite movies, have a picnic inside of it, or just cuddle.

movie night:fort

Just Dance: Take your significant other and go dancing, or make a playlist of some meaningful songs and just dance in your living room. Who cares if you can’t dance? It’ll be a fun, romantic experience.

Home Meals: Stay at home and make a nice home-cooked meal. Or just order take-out. Either way, it’s cheaper than eating out and much more private.

Skating Fanatic: When was the last time you went roller skating or ice skating? Bring back some childhood memories and go skating. Even if you fall, it will make you feel like a little kid again. It can be really sweet.

Drive-In: Change up the game and go to a drive-in movie theater. It’s always romantic and a fun experience.

You Win: Go to your local arcade and play some games. Combine your tickets to get a big prize. It’s such a stress-free date.

Strike: It’s always fun to go bowling. Whether you need bumpers or not, the night won’t be dull. Plus, most bowling alleys have arcades.

Bonus Ideas:

  1. Take a hike.
  2. Visit the zoo.
  3. Do some putt-putt mini golfing. Loser buys ice cream.
  4. Go on a night stroll and get some yogurt afterwards.
  5. Go to an open mic night at a coffee shop.
  6. Drive somewhere to watch the sunset, then go star gazing.
  7. Go to a playground and actually play on the playground.

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