Death Of A Bachelor


Austin Crawford, Staff Writer


“Death Of A Bachelor” the name of the brand new Panic! At The Disco album. Panic! At The Disco have recently released on social media that “new album ‘Death Of A Bachelor’ out January 15th.” Fans have been anticipating a new album since the early release of their song “Hallelujah” on Apr. 19th of this year. “Hallelujah” was released as a single followed by another single called “Victorious.” The theory was in full effect when their song “Death Of A Bachelor” was played on “Beats Radio.” In a recent update the two songs “Hallelujah” and “Victorious” were put on the same album followed by a new song called “Emperor’s New Clothes.”


 Hallelujah was originally released via YouTube. Many artist pre-release music on YouTube to get fans pumped, which is likely why Panic! released the album there instead of releasing the song for purchase right away. It’s almost as if they wanted their fans and the community of YouTube to be their critics. On top of that they also played “Death Of A  Bachelor” on “Beats Radio” and hadn’t released any news on the song itself. The next time we hear the song will probably be in 2016.


Panic!’s lead singer Brendon Urie puts a little of his personal experiences into every song, such as he does in his song “Victorious”, in which he sings about his battle with not fitting in. This song give the misfits of the world something to relate to. “I was never really great at sports, never picked first for the team, but what I missed in that regard, I made up for in passion and intensity. That’s truly victorious.” Brendon expressed to get his fans motivated and excited about this new album.


 The song “Death Of A Bachelor” sets on a new genre of music that Panic! has never done before, it focuses on early jazz and techno which is something different. Brendon has also mentioned Frank Sinatra as a huge influence on him. Fans enjoy the way that Panic! is always changing the style of their music making each album unique.


Panic!’s new album is sure to be amazing. Panic! has everything at the tip of their fingers.