New Soccer Season


As the new soccer season starts I talked to the JV soccer coach, Coach Charles Steward, about the new season. 


“We need to be disciplined and consistent and play together as one family to win,” he said.


Coach Steward also talked about the goal for his team.

“Our goal is to win the district and go to the playoffs again,” he said. 


Salman Ahmed, starting center defensive midfielder for JV2 talks about his experience playing soccer.


“This is my first year playing soccer at Bowie, and I love the team and all the coaches,” Ahmed said. “My favorite thing about the team is going out to eat and going on road trips with them. ”


Marco Hernandez, midfielder for Bowie, talks about what it takes to become good at soccer. 


“You have to be on your grind every day at home and at school, at the gym every day, running every day on the treadmill,” Hernandez said.