Austin Crawford, Staff Writer

A story set in ancient greek, a young girl, Antigone who will give up her life to fulfil the burial of her brother, Oedipus. Creon, king of Thebes and half brother to Antigone, who becomes an obstacle in Antigone’s solution threatens to kill her if she goes near the deceased body of her brother. Ismene, Antigone’s sister is weak and refuses Antigone’s proposal to help her against Creon, but that doesn’t mean Antigone won’t face him alone. Antigone’s fiance Haemon threatens to take his life if she if Creon succeeds in killing her. A play very well executed by the theater department.

Theater teacher, Joy Trimble the director of Antigone was taking on something new with this year’s fall production.

“I typically am the one who does the musicals, and I wanted to explore something with a literature base,” Trimble said.

Trimble feels that the play went so well because the commitment of the actors was so great and the fact that some of the themes in the play are still very relevant today, things such as money, power, and greed.

Out of all the plays put on by the theater department, this one seems to be one of the most intricate in detail. When reading the story Antigone some rolls are smaller than others, but when watching this play it seems to be that every part is a big part. Teaches from 10th grade classes saw an opportunity for their students to see the story they read class come to life on the big stage.

Trimble had very few difficulties when choosing the actors. Students chosen for each roll Katy Darwin as Antigone, Steven Peralez as Creon, Danielle Vang as Ismene, Cassie Burns as A Sentry, Hayden Gnat as Haemon, Ashley Cauthen as Tiresias, Melvin Langston as a messenger, Jessika Williams as Eurydice, Ashleigh Griffin as the chorus leader, and Kenidee Cooper, Marian Patterson, Angela Tran, and Jessika Williams as the chorus.

“The most difficult part was making sure the actor portrays the drama to carry each player in belief,” Trimble said.

Over all the theater production of Antigone has done a great effort and will hopefully do more shows in the future to compare with this one.