Musical Auditions


Juan Guzmán, Reporter


Here at James Bowie High School, many aspiring actors and eager souls are preparing for auditions for the play “Once on this Island.” 

Set designer and theater teacher Lindsey Hertel is trying out different levels that can be used by the actors.

She’s also trying to evoke an island environment but also a celebratory and fun environment with a sense of adventure.

“It’s going to have a lot of natural elements,” Hertel said.

Some natural elements mentioned were real tree branches on a tree and part of a broken ship since the story takes place on an island. 

The play is based on the fairy tale “The Little Mermaid” and takes place off an island on the French Antilles.

Director and theater teacher Joy Trimble and her crew chose the Antilles because they loved the idea of gods, fate, and the history of storytelling.

“We loved the music but we mostly loved the opportunity to learn about a completely different culture,” Trimble said.

The play could open up opportunities for students interested in pursuing a career in acting and could help people gain confidence.

“We love it when our students just grow as confident communicators,” Trimble said.

This performance will introduce the audience to talent and let them know that there’s a group of students that have a passion for something the audience may not be familiar with.

Sophomore auditionees Sydney Obasohan and Jeffrey Eromonsele are very excited to participate in the play.

Obasohan said that she “Wanted to try something new” and with that, she decided to try out for the musical.

The theme and music of the play caught her interest and she knew some people who were going to be part of the play which compelled her to audition.

Although she did not get a main role, she did get a role as part of the ensemble.

“But I still got in and I’m grateful for that,”  Obasohan said.

Eromonsele got the role of Agwe, god of water, and was interested in the play because it was a “Play about culture” and about people who lived on an island.

“Can’t wait to flood people,” Eromonsele said. “Cannot wait.”