Aggression in Politics


Marian Patterson, Staff Writer

Politics and violence do not go hand in hand. Violence from political supporters should not be encouraged no matter a person’s political stance. The best option would be to agree to disagree. Take the argument and store it away, physical violence is not the answer.

Having a strong belief or political stance is no excuse to be aggressive and vicious. Someone who has taken a stance with Trump doesn’t have to be liked or agreed with but does not deserve to be physically attacked or harassed. Political violence is extremely rare in the United States. In fact, the last major issue was in 1968 when the bloody Democratic-convention happened. In an article by Peter Beinart, The Violence to Come, he states, “The United States is headed toward a confrontation, the likes of which it has not seen since 1968, between leftist activists, who believe in physical disruption as a means of drawing attention to injustice, and a candidate eager to forcibly put down that disruption in order to make himself look tough. The new culture of physical disruption on the activist left stems partly from disillusionment with Barack Obama.” Basically what Beinart is saying is that due to earlier conflicts in politics, America was still in an uproar and Trump is just going to lead us further into chaos.

Supporters believe that their aggression should be received in a positive way , that it shows their commitment. In today’s politics there tends to be a lot of aggression and violence. Supporters beating and tearing opposing supporters. Attacking opposing supporters or someone who disagrees with your opinion is wrong and unacceptable. We forget that politics should not cause an incline in United States violence and how we treat our neighbors based on their beliefs.

Violence is not an answSIERS011216er to our conflicts as a nation. Agree to disagree and walk away. This aggression in our politics can be subdued. Politics and violence do not go hand in hand.