Self Love

Self Love

lypzy juarez

Having self love is a great thing most people have a hard time feeling towards themselves. It does take time to appreciate who you are, and what you can establish. It is also difficult to find after you’ve been torn down to hate your appearance or who you are as well.

  To me, self love brings confidence for myself, most people find self confidence through other things that they enjoy or from the people they surround themselves with. I find it by telling myself “I’m beautiful” every morning and feeling grateful. Self love can bring you positivity throughout your day or passing days. Self love also makes people’s opinions over the way you look not important, whether it’s them judging you, calling you names, or bringing you down. You seem not to mind at all because only you know that you love yourself and that their negative opinion doesn’t matter.

  I personally went through a rough time trying to love myself. After seven months of just being isolated from everyone, I was learning on how to appreciate myself more and loving myself, and now I do. As narcissistic as it seems to others on my love towards my self, that doesn’t bother me.

   The moral of this is: take time learning how to love yourself. Put yourself first because at the end of the day all you’ll have is you. Learn to rely on yourself. But mostly, be patient because it takes time to heal. Time is all it takes.