Making college cheaper?


Katy Nguyen, Copy Editor

Many people talk about how expensive college is. Some people are reluctant to go due to the fact that they are unsure about whether or not they are going to like it or if it’s actually worth it. Others just worry about the debt they’ll have  after they have finished college.

I believe that college should be free freshman year so that those who are unsure about actually going to college can get a feel of what it’s like at college and think about whether or not they want to stay. Some students are afraid that if they do go and up not liking it, they’ll just think of it as waste of time and money and that they’ll end up being broke or in debt.

In addition, colleges should also make it more affordable for the students who aren’t financially stable. That way those who actually want to go but can’t afford it have a chance to have the experience. Colleges should also give students a place or website where they can buy their textbooks for a cheap price.

In conclusion, while cheaper tuition and textbook costs would be beneficial for our country’s youth, it’ll be a long time before progress will start.