CTC Time Concerns


Johnny Bang, Reporter

Knowing that CTC isn’t within Bowie, students have to travel between their classes. CTC students have to use a bus to transition to their classes while also having to come back to other classes at Bowie. However, the timing and delay for CTC buses is noticeable and can affect students who attend it.

Junior Zhra Almayahi takes courses in Medical Microbiology and Culinary Arts which are located at the CTC. Almayahi goes to CTC at 11AM to 5PM, but does not come back to Bowie. Instead, she goes straight back home.

“I come back home late because the CTC buses come late,” Almayahi said.

CTC students leave 5 minutes earlier from home campus classes than regular students who do not attend classes at CTC. Almayahi supports the fact that it’s helpful for students like her.

“It’s helpful because the bus doesn’t always wait, and because you would have to go to the front office for an excuse,” Almayahi said.

The delay and timing of buses can be a problem for CTC students. Almayahi believes that the delay should change for students.

“The delay going back to home campus should change because it’s already late, and nobody wants to stay any longer,” Almayahi said.

Junior Tiba Al-Khafaji has a Phlebotomy course at CTC. This class is her last period, meaning that she doesn’t worry about being late as she doesn’t have any classes afterwards.

“I don’t end up missing any classes or time because I leave when lunch is over,” Al-Khafaji said. Leaving earlier is important because Al-Khafaji had already missed the bus a few times before.

“Being able to leave 5 minutes earlier is helpful because the bus will end up leaving you,” Al-Khafaji said.

The timing of buses affected Al-Khafaji’s experience with CTC. She expresses that the timing should change for students who ride the bus.

“They should wait because there is no reason to rush and that I’ve been left 3 times before,” Al-Khafaji said.

Junior Shanyal Gomes takes Patho Physiology and Health Science courses at CTC. Gomes leaves her CTC classes earlier on B days while on A days, she is a bit late to her 4th period class.

“I leave my CTC class earlier on B days so I’m able to catch the first bus. On A days, I leave 10 minutes late so I end up getting on the second bus and being a bit late to my 4th period,” said Gomes.

Leaving earlier than usual is helpful to Gomes.
“It allows me to get through the building before the bell rings,” said Gomes.

Gomes agrees with the idea that it would be better for the timing to change as it would provide benefits to the students.

“I think that if classes were let out earlier while buses came out at the same time, they would give students a bit of leeway to grab lunch or use the bathroom without having to worry about the time,” said Gomes.