The Senioritis Series: Homework

Camri Brown, Business Manager

When someone is entering senior year, you would think it would be breeze. It’s your last year and you expect things to be much easier. As a junior you were told by all your senior friends how senior year is just about college applications and scholarships. Well they all lied, and every thought you had about senior year being non-stressful is wrong. There’s only one word to define what senior has been; homework.

From regular classes to AP and Dual credit courses, the amount of homework has seemed to double compared to junior year. You would think since teachers know that senior year is already stressful on its own due to college pressure, they would loosen up, but the exact opposite happened. As a senior, you’re dealing with both college and high school stress at the same time, and the feeling becomes overwhelming. Also, a lot of the students have jobs so it’s like juggling three things at once.

The workload that senior class is dealing with has become almost overwhelming. Senior year is a lot of work, but at the end of the day, we all have the same goal of walking the stage.