Homecoming 2014


Nataly Lugo

Students celebrate at the pep rally.

Simone Williams, Staff Writer

Homecoming 2014 was a success. The entire football team did an outstanding job against Jesuit, but there were two players in particular who stood out. Jalin Badger caught two touchdown receptions and Tony James threw for 459 yards and six touchdowns. The Volunteers gained a total of 872 yards in a 72-49 victory over Dallas Jesuit.

Spirit week was the first week of school. This year’s theme was Bowie Brings it Back. Monday was Modern Day, Tuesday was 70’s day, Wednesday was 80’s day, Thursday was 90’s day, and Friday was Spirit Day. There was a competition for spirit week and whoever had the most spirit for each day won a free yearbook. This year’s winner was senior Neh Ngufor.

Overall, everyone had a great time during this year’s Homecoming. The stress of having it the first week of school wasn’t that bad and it was still a pleasant experience.