Time is of the Essence

WR Anthony Hawkins carries the ball while stiff arming a Jesuit defender.

WR Anthony Hawkins carries the ball while stiff arming a Jesuit defender.

Camri Brown, Business Manager

Having homecoming during the first week of school only happens once every blue moon, but when it happens, it becomes a huge inconvenience. Although we had known about the placing of the homecoming since last year, it was still a lot to prepare for. With the help of student council members and other dedicated students, homecoming week was a success. The students still participated, and the turnout at the football game was still huge. Every six years homecoming takes place during the first week of school in order for the district to fit all the games on the schedule. Each school official knows about the rotation, but they should warn the organizations in charge of running homecoming, like student council, so they can be more prepared.

When you have more time for things, you can better prepare for the situation. Something as drastic and chaotic as homecoming week needs a lot of preparation. Organizing each spirit day, decorating the school and setting up the pep rally are all time consuming jobs that come with homecoming. If you ask any Student Council member or sponsor what could’ve helped make homecoming week better, they would all say the same thing; time.

On the other hand, six years is a long time, and school officials can simply forget about the rotation until it is too close to call it. In reality, schools have years to prepare for homecoming on the first week of school.

In conclusion, homecoming is a big deal to every high school, and to squeeze all the activity and preparation it takes to make it memorable in a week is a difficult and tedious task. The organizations that have to deal with it every six years need more time to prepare and more of a warning in order to have successful homecoming.