Bowie Gets New Teachers


Kayla King

Sign hung in atrium

Kayla King, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Many changes have been made at Bowie this year, but perhaps one of the biggest is the 30 new teachers we received this year. Mr. Borden, the new head of teachers, certainly has his work cut out for him, but all of the teachers seem to be adjusting well.

Among these new teachers is Carl Howell, who is new not only to Bowie but also AISD. He feels Bowie has great students and staff.

“I was most nervous and excited about meeting all of my students,”

Howell said. “I’m so happy because they’re all great.”

With so many new job openings in AISD for this school year, most teachers had options for where to work. Howell had many choices about which campus would be best for him, but he was genuinely happy to come to Bowie.

“This is actually the campus I wanted,” Howell said.

With so many new teachers, it’s great to have people that are truly excited to be here working with our students.