Teacher-Student Relationships

Teacher-Student Relationships

Adeija Montalvo, News Reporter

Does having good teacher-student relationships help the students out in high school? Does it make it easier for students to learn when their teacher is willing to help them out as best as they can? Having a good relationship with teachers can benefit students at their fullest.

“I always try to build relationships with my students so that they can feel more comfortable in my classroom,” Avid teacher Misty Carraway said.

Most times when a student does really well in a class, it’s because they take the time to ask for help, come after school and get extra help. They go the extra mile and really use the fact that they have a teacher who is willing to give them whatever help they need to succeed, said Carraway.

“Teachers I’m close with always find a way to help me and teach me the way I learn best,” junior Jayliah Wilson said.

When a student doesn’t have the best relationship they often feel alone and struggle with getting their work done.

“I once got behind in all my classes because I was too afraid to ask for help from my teachers,” Wilson said.

Getting behind in class can be super stressful especially if it’s multiple but a way to prevent that or help get caught up is just having a nice simple talk with your teachers. Tell them you’re struggling and that you need help and they will definitely be there for you.

“I’ve seen kids get behind and the kids that do are the same ones who never say anything in my class,” Physics teacher Brandon Lopez said.

Lopez believes that getting close with teachers is really important, it shows that you care and that you are trying to succeed in their class. When teachers see a student who often asks for help or takes the time to ask about their day, they tend to give that student extra help because they deserve it.

“I love when students come and ask for help instead of just sitting there clueless,” Carraway said.

Being successful in the classroom comes by hard work and making sure you understand what’s going on. If you don’t it’s okay to ask questions, that’s what the teachers are there for.

“I always want students to know that I’m here for them, I love helping them and seeing them succeed in my class and their other classes,” Lopez said.