Once a Vol, Always a Vol


(Left to Right)Mr. Laningham, Ms. Guo, Ms. Velasquez, Mr. Dang, & Ms. Vestal with the yearbooks of their graduation year.

Juan Guzmán

With autumn rolling in, so is a sense of familiarity as the teachers who are also alumni here at Bowie High School reminiscence at their alma mater.

Human and world geography teacher Jason Laningham said now that he’s back here, everything is “vastly different”, such as size, demographics, and the economy since he graduated in 1994.

“It was a unique experience,” Laningham said.

After returning to Bowie, chemistry teacher Xiaoshi Guo said she “feels like I was just a student here” when she graduated four years ago in 2018 and thought that it would be cool to be co-workers with her former teachers.

“I feel more welcome,” Guo said.

Substitute teacher Breanna Velasquez feels more welcome and that the shift from being a student back when she graduated in 2017 to now being a teacher is nostalgic.

“It was definitely a mind shift,” she said.

Chemistry teacher Donniece Vestal pointed out that there are way fewer students and school spirit but she knew that eventually, she would return once she graduated in 2005.

“Lady Vol for life,” she said.

Chemistry and Bio-med teacher Minh Dang says that being back “feels like home,” and that demographics have also changed from when he still attended Bowie and graduated in 2004.

“I like the diversity,” he said.

Dance teacher and drill team director Jayda Gray did not know when but she knew that she would be back here when she graduated in 2013.

“This is home”, Gray said.