New Principal


Adeija Montalvo, News Reporter

This year Lee Jones, who has been an AP at Bowie High School, stepped up and took over as Bowie’s Interim Principal. Now he has earned his spot as the permanent principal here at Bowie.

“I am completely honored to be Principal for this amazing school,” Jones said

Jones has been working in the education industry for a very long time, from starting as a kindergarten assistant teacher at Berry Elementary School, to a science teacher at Workman Junior High, to an Assistant Principal at Bowie, and now getting the head job as Principal here at Bowie.

“I’ve come a long way, and have been doing this for a while and it feels really good to finally be the top guy,” Jones said.

Jones was an AP at Bowie for seven years, and said taking over as principal on a very short notice had to have been very difficult and different.

“It’s very different and a lot more challenging but I am all in and will do my best to be the best I can be,” Jones said.

Jones has great relationships with all the staff and students and loves the support he has been getting, according to teachers.

“I have been working with Mr. Jones for a very long time, and I believe he is very capable of doing a great job as Principal,” Spanish Teacher Diana Morales said.

Students love Mr. Jones, he has a great personality and he gives a lot to us. Mr. Jones always takes time to come support sports events, host prep rally’s and just make High School fun, junior Madison Lusk said.

“I love Mr. Jones, he’s a great guy and I am happy for him to finally be the boss of the school,” Lusk said.

Being Principal is a hard job but people like Mr. Jones are the right people for it. He has worked so hard to get to the top and he has learned a lot from being an Assistant Principal for a long time and he knows what all he has to do to be the best Principal he can be, Morales said.

“I really like being principal, I like the challenge it has, I like that I was able to learn these past years, and now I know what I have to do and I’m going to do that,” Jones said.