Senior News


Abdi Ali, Reporter

After asking three seniors at Bowie High School what they’re going to do after high school and what the best and worst thing about high school was, this is what they said.

Jeremiah Siguenza, a senior, said that he liked the extra curricular activities here.

“My favorite thing about Bowie is the extracurricular activities that they have here,” he said.

Jamaija Pipkin, a senior, said that she wants to be a nurse after high school.

“I will be going to college, and becoming a nurse,” Pipkin said.

After asking Salman Ahmed what is the worst thing about high school he said he didn’t like waking up early.

“The worst thing about high school is waking up early,” he said.

Siguenza said his favorite memory is spending time with his friends.

“My favorite memory is hanging out with my friends and playing basketball,” Siguenza said.