New alliance club : BSA

New alliance club : BSA

Zainab Mounshed, reporter

The Black Student Alliance Club or BSA was established in April 2022 and started by Seniors Samia Winfield and Jaclyn Quarshie, with their sponsor as teacher Amber Green. 

BSA is the club for students to come together as one. They will create countless memories and create new bonds with one another. Also to help our Bowie community and school come together as a union, Green said. 

The BSA has a total of nine members with Ms. Green as the sponsor, Winfield as the president, Quarshie as the vice president, Kennedy Chaney as the senator, Camille Randall as the historian, Camryn Vasher as the secretary, Chandler Rice as the treasurer, and Madison Wills as the sergeant-at-arms.

“BSA is a club to bring our community together,” Randall said. “Although you don’t have to be black to be in the club you can be an ally, hence the alliance part.”  

Bowie has quite a few alliance clubs like Asian student association (ASA), Muslim student association (MSA).

“Honestly, I feel like some of the clubs do change the diversity because everyone is in their own circle or group,” Winfield said. “I feel like the clubs need to come together and host events together.” 

There are already quite a few things BSA memebers love about the club. 

I love how quickly we are getting things done and I feel like we are going to have a good year,” Randall said.

 “Something I love about BSA is that we are all one family and we stick together,” Winfield said.