Zainab Mounshed, reporter

Homecoming is right around the corner, as the football team waits for its arrival I decide now would be the perfect time to interview a few of them how they feel about it, what they have done to prepare compared to game one, how their coaches motivate them to be the best they can, and lastly if they’re ready for the big win. 

Senior Omarion Sims, a leader on the football team said they’re prepared for the game. 

“ I feel as if we are ready for the game because we’ve been putting in the time and effort in the  weightroom, on the field, and we have been mentally preparing for it all so now it’s time to show everyone what we can do,” Sims said.

Although the game is on Friday, they’ve been preparing since Monday before the game.

Senior Kelby Valsin, another leader on the team, agrees.

“I believe that we are ready for the game because our team has chemistry and we locked in,” Valsin said. 

When it comes to being on a team, motivation is a big part of it and when being asked if their coaches Devon Campbell and Joseph Sam motivate them to try their best and work hard, Sims and Valsin said.  

“Yeah, they motivate us everyday and in practice they push us to do everything 110%,” Valsin said.