New Lunch Schedule


Abdi Ali, Reporter

New interim principal Mr. Lee Jones and the administration team are making a change to the lunch schedule. The lunch time was originally 45 minutes last year but, at the beginning of this year the lunch was changed to 30 minutes. After students petitioned for a longer lunch, the lunch is now 35 minutes long.

The reason the lunch schedule was changed was mainly for safety reasons.

“There were too many fights last year, kids acting a fool at sonic last year,” Jones said. Now when we talked to the community members at Sonic they’re saying the kids are doing a better job”.

If you are wondering if the lunch schedule will be changed it will probably stay the same as of now.

“I don’t foresee it getting changed anytime soon, but we do foresee and what we’ve been talking about is having it where we make incentives for the kids where we give them 45 minutes,”Jones said.

Students at Bowie High School express how they feel about the lunch schedule. Jeremiah Siguenza, a senior, speaks about how he thinks the lunch is not long enough.

“We don’t have time as is in 30 minutes, especially if you’re going out of campus,” Siguenza said. It’s not enough time to go and come back, I think 40 or 45 minutes is good.

Another student doesn’t agree with the schedule change.
Ibrahim Hussien, a junior, explains how long he thinks lunch should be.

“I think it’s messed up we don’t have enough time to eat and go back, ” Hussien said. I think it should be the same time as last year.”