Stress Affecting Inside and Outside


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A stressed businesswoman.

Johnny Bang, Reporter

Stress is an emotional or physical tension that everyone experiences. You can feel stressed out from work, school, or anything that bothers you to make you feel frustrated, nervous, or tense. Feeling tense or nervous can be caused by many factors, but why exactly do we feel stressed and how does it affect all of us?

People of all ages can view stress in different ways. Before working as a teacher, Alyssa Ortiz worked with patients who dealt with trauma, abuse, depression, etc. Ortiz is a Mental Health & Counseling teacher, who deals with mental illnesses and mental health. Stress led Ortiz to physical and mental changes like migraines which she never had before.

“Stress restricts me from doing things especially when I deal with trauma patients,” Ortiz said. “It changes how you see the world.” “I needed to isolate myself and give myself some alone time when dealing with patients.”

Junior Larissa Jackson’s stress led to physical changes, similar to Ortiz. However, she never was mentally affected in a negative way. Jackson mentions that stress does lead her to procrastination and laziness.

“I’m not able to do my hobbies and other fun things,” Jackson said. “I get headaches, and an increase in appetite when I’m stressed.”

Stress can be overwhelming for teachers. Shanda Clark is an English teacher, who teaches many students. Clark’s stress led her to physical changes, but not mental changes. She was affected physically by stress which was tension headaches and in her shoulders. However, she also says that she never was affected mentally in a negative way. Clark mentions that she gets back on track when she does get overwhelmed.

“I feel overwhelmed with work when it comes to the beginning of the year,” Clark said. “I shut down when it gets too overwhelming.”

The stress Junior Shanyal Gomes received had affected her mentally which led to her freezing up and overthinking due to the lack of free time she gets. Yet, she is able to work under stress and isn’t restricted by it. Gomes’ lack of sleep and free time are outcomes of stress, therefore leading to physical and mental changes.

“I lose a lot of sleep due to stress,” Gomes said. “I work pretty well under stress.”

Stress affects you on the inside and outside, but sometimes it depends on the person’s background and what they’ve been through. Regardless, stress can physically change somebody and restrict them from doing other things. Stress can make you shut down, isolate yourself, and lose sleep. Remember, take a break when you feel stressed or overwhelmed.