Security at Bowie High School

Jewrell Binder, Reporter

   Bowie High School security walks around patrolling the school doing things like breaking up fights, and making sure kids are not skipping and are in class learning and getting their education. According to Corporal Steven Villalobos the past few months since school started, kids at Bowie have been really disobedient and it’s been really challenging for the security at Bowie especially with a shortage of security guards. This is their biggest problem right now; there is less security around the school.

“Yes we do need more security guards around the school,” Villablobos said.

According to another security guard at Bowie, Sade Lee said security is doing really great right now. He said how they rely on the students helping them with information on individuals bringing something that causes danger or not allowed in the school. He then said it’s a team effort also having bonds with the students to make them feel more comfortable with the security guards. Firearms on campus would be unnecessary because people have seen too much stuff in their lives. Lee said for kids that grow up rough, seeing things like that would make them scared or give off intimidation. They don’t need weapons to do their job, also the security does not want a student reaching for the weapon during a fight or altercation because it can cause danger to others, Lee said.

“People judge but don’t see what we do behind closed doors, things like stopping fights before they even happen, also doing way more than just telling kids to get to class,” Villalobos said.

Metal detectors at Bowie are used very often; the school does it randomly along with pat downs.

 According to security guard Lee, it helps keep the school safer.

A teacher at Bowie High School D. Barton said he is a little skeptical about the metal detectors because the kids at Bowie can still find their way in without going through the main entrance.

“It’s too many doors,” Barton said. “I don’t think it would matter because it’s too many ways in the building. Kids would let each other in.”

The people judging the security guards at Bowie High School think they are not doing their jobs according to Villalobos.

Barton rated the school security a 6 out of 10, but said he is with the security doing random pat downs from time to time to catch anything that’s forbidden.