Art club showing the Volunteer spirit

Sawyer Weaver, Reporter

A couple dozen Art club members were rewarded for sprucing up baseball field trash cans at the group’s September 29 meeting.

The trash cans were just metal barrels when they arrived, but they left brightly colored trash cans sporting Bowie logos and sayings. The barrels were donated by the head custodian, Carlos Williams. The Art Club members sanded, painted, spray painted decals, and added the Bowie logo to all the trash cans.

The art club sponsor, Elizabeth Fieler, and Principal Reny Lizardo got together to figure out what art teachers could do to help out the school.

The baseball field needed new trash cans because the ones on the field don’t have lids. So all the trash blows around on the field. After the games, the coaches are just out on the field picking up trash. Thankfully, it seems someone did pay attention to the problem and helped to resolve it.

These big metal barrels to be used as new trash cans that were donated were just needing to be painted over because they had stickers and writing on them. The barrels were now on their way to becoming new trash cans.

“I heard that the trash cans needed to be painted and I was like, that’s a great idea for something to do with the art club,” Fieler said.Lizardo wanted to know what she wanted in return, like supplies for the classroom or something.

“Let’s just do a pizza party for the kids,” Fieler said. “That way it goes back directly to the students.”

The pizza party wasn’t the only fun part of this event.

“The most fun and exciting part was all being in here [Justin Womack’s classroom] and painting away in the organized, disorganized madness of it all,” Fieler said.

And while most of this event was fun and easy, some parts were still difficult.

“The most difficult part of this event was cleaning and prepping the trash cans for the paint,” Fieler said.

But Fieler helped out even after the art club meeting

“And now getting to spray paint the decals with a few of the art students with stencils to say “Go Bowie” and “Go Vols” is also really fun,” Feiler said.

Fieler was awarded teacher of the month for all of AISD a couple of days before this meeting.

“I was really shocked at first, I wondered why would they pick me, out of everyone?” she said. “It made more sense when I read the description.”

Elizabeth Fieler, James Bowie High School art teacher. Elizabeth is an amazing teacher who knows how to build strong relationships, is a master at making content relevant for her students, and is willing to step up and help in any capacity asked of her while donning a smile and a positive attitude.

“And I’m like oh, I guess that is me haha.”

Art club president and senior, Cydni Howard, and junior art club member Blue Bell-Gray agree that Fieler deserves the teacher of the month award for her outstanding work and a strong commitment to all her students.

”Miss Fieler is not the only art club sponsor, Mr. Womack helps out a lot, but I would say she is the most active sponsor,” Howard said. “She is always taking time to help every student, even if they are not in one of her classes.”

Bell-Grey agrees

“I am really happy for Miss Fieler, she really deserves the award,” Bell-Grey said.

Howard wants to tell everyone that they are welcome to join the art club.

“ We are always doing new things, we just tie-dyed art club t-shirts and we are about to start a mural for Mr. Barton,” Howard said “We invite people to come and try it out.”

Wondering if the art club is right for you? You are invited to attend a meeting and find out, come when you can and have fun surrounded by like-minded people who enjoy using their artistic skills to benefit others, join the Art Club Remind by texting @artbhsclub to 81010 to see when the next meeting is. Talk to Feiler if you would like to join and order an art club t-shirt. New members welcome.