Student and staff experience challenges during COVID-19

Zainab Mounshed, Reporter

The pandemic has been hard for many people because they miss seeing their family and friends.

Counselor Stephanie Threets said she is introverted, so being isolated was fine,but she began to have the need to talk to people since isolation got longer.

“In the beginning, it was nice, but I hated everything that was happening in the world,” Threets said. “Me and my son needed a mental break at first, but once it got to the summer, it felt like a burden because we couldn’t see friends or family.”

Isolation has its pros because people got to take time and think about themselves and what’s good for them.

English teacher Bailey Carr said that she got to slow down and focus on herself to see what was good for her and what wasn’t.

“Isolation has changed me because I am now more focused on myself,” Carr said. “I’ve slowed down and have learned who is there for me and who isn’t, I’ve also learned that my time is valuable and that I should give it to people who are worthy of it.¨ 

During quarantine, people went on walks or runs since they couldn’t drive anywhere, but some feared for their safety.

10th grader Tiffany Harper said she would go on runs but not as much since her parents are scared of what could happen.

“Isolation has definitely affected me more physically,¨ Harper said. “I used to go on runs but now my parents are too scared of the other people around my usual route.”

While some people think quarantine was for the better, others thought it made things worse.

Threets said being in isolation for so long with her son triggered some things they thought were behind them.

“Being in isolation definitely made things worse, because people were built for connection and not isolation,” Threets said. “For us, it triggered some emotional things we thought we passed through and my son needs that type of outlet since he is a type of athletic kid. I also made plans for my summer but things got in the way or it, not being able to be productive was a thing in the way cause it made us zone out.”