Bowie Hosts Town Hall Meeting on Education

Sarah Pearson

A town hall meeting was held at Bowie to discuss issues facing public education in Texas, such as standardized testing and school security.

Texas state representative Chris Turner, Arlington school board president Kecia Mays, and Arlington superintendent Marcelo Cavascos were all on the board for the meeting on Feb. 13. 

One of the first questions asked was how the panel felt about standardized state testing. Everyone agreed that there was room for improvement. For most elementary school students and teachers, STAAR test scores are the only thing that defines them to the state.

“A single way to test and grade does not paint a picture of the success of our teachers, the success of our students, or the success of the district,” Mays said.

The panel was later asked what the state could do to make teaching more attractive to young people. They all agreed that student debt forgiveness and improved healthcare and overall benefits were needed to encourage young people to become educators.

“We need more incentives for public service,” Turner said.

Toward the end of the meeting, the panel was asked what measures they believed lawmakers could take to improve school security. They all believed that directing more funding into counseling and mental health resources for students was the best route to take. 

The meeting ended with a few powerful words from Cavascos: “An investment in public education is an investment in the future of our country and it is a need for the democracy of our country.”