Hope Squad at Bowie

The Hope Squad is a support group for students struggling with suicidal thoughts. Members are trained to recognize and help students with these thoughts.

Hope Squad advisor Komal Powell said that the Hope Squad at Bowie was first thought of two years ago, when counselor Stephanie Threets realized the school needed more help. “I think it’s an important organization, and I wanted to help it any way I could,” Komal said. 

The advisors encourage Hope Squad members to make friends with other students so that they won’t feel lonely. Sophomore Rhys Signey said that not only is Hope Squad a positive force at Bowie, but it has also helped her exit her comfort zone.

“At first I was really shy,” she said. “But I started talking to a lot of people.”

Signey said that she was surprised to be voted to be a Hope Squad member.

  “I didn’t know that I was going to make it into Hope Squad,” she said. “But people voted me in because they trusted me.”