Open House Is This Monday

Sarah Pearson

Bowie’s open house on September 16 will be a bigger event than in the past, with an In-N-Out food truck and over 30 club tables available at which to sign up.

Principal Reny Lizardo’s goal is to get a lot of people to attend.

“I’m trying to make it a party,” he said. “I want students to feel welcomed and connected to the school. A lot of kids have no connection to to the school. I want them to come and be able to sign up for clubs and just be more connected.”

Sophomore Darius Shaw expects this year’s turnout to be better than last year’s.

“I’m going to check on my geometry stuff and to see if I’m missing anything in any classes,” he said. He is also planning on buying a ticket for the food truck.

English teacher and UIL literary criticism coordinator Amanda Molina predicts that a lot of parents of her advanced students will be present.

“There’s a lot more hype, especially with the club fair and the food truck,” she said.

The In-N-Out truck will be accepting meal tickets that can be purchased by September 10 for $5 here or in the bookkeeping office. Money will not be accepted the day of the event.

The open house is Monday, September 16 from 5 to 6:30 p.m.