Is IB the Move?

Is IB the Move?

Connie Phan, Reporter

IB stands for International Baccalaureate. It’s a two year program that focuses on teaching students how to think critically and independently. IB is for the students who want a challenge and are looking for something to work for. The IB program gives you the opportunity to gain college credit and credits that you can use all over the world. At James Bowie High School, the IB program starts for students in their junior year, if they want the challenge.


“The IB program is similar to AP with the exception of IB trying to develop lifelong skills or attributes that help one better interact with everyone,” said Cathrin Salvador, a junior IB student.

Salvador further explains how IB focuses on your openness to learn about interaction in the world, but the work can sometimes be excessive and unnecessary.


“When joining IB you should expect a vast amount of work, rarely will there be a day in which you don’t have homework from any class,” Salvador said. “There will be a form of essay done in every class regardless of the subject.”


Esther Mampaka, a graduating senior IB student, explains how IB isn’t as hard as everyone says it is and that it actually helps you prepare for college.


“I wouldn’t say that IB is impossible but it is challenging,” Mampaka said.


She continues her explanation of how IB helps you balance your social life and your school life. And that you’ll spend so much time with IB students, they will become like your second family.


“IB was totally worth it for me because I did not only gain life long friends… I also gained enough credits to start my college career as a sophomore,” Mampaka said.