Many Bowie students catch a case of Senioritis

Jax Juarez

A new infection is affecting students minds: Senioritis!

Senioritis is when students in their last year of high school or college start to lose motivation and slack off.

Eileen Rodriguez, senior, said she gets senioritis by procrastinating in classes as the school year ends for her. She also said most seniors get lazy when it’s time for them to graduate.

“Yes I do get senioritis as well as others, I think the reason we get it is because we’re so close to graduation,” said Rodriguez. “We see the finish line and start slowing down. All the years we’ve been working to this point tired us out. At the end were just like ‘meh, I’m graduating soon anyway.’”

Steven Jourdan, senior, said since the year is ending he gets senioritis and doesn’t do his work. He also said senioritis is very contagious.

“Since the end is near and I know I’ll be good to graduate,” said Jourdan. “I also tend to get very lazy. I see other students get senioritis too, it sure is contagious.”

Joselyne Herrera, senior, said the reason she gets senioritis is because of her being very lazy and wanting to leave school already.

“By the end of the year we all get tired of school and get over it. We all worked hard to come this far and want to leave,” said Herrera. “For me, I don’t do my work, I get lazy and tend to sleep most of the time when I should be doing homework for school.”

Ms. Henckell, teacher, said she has around seven seniors that show signs of senioritis and wishes there was a cure for it.

“They start to not do their homework, not paying attention, glance at their phone more, seem more chatty as well as carefree,” said Henckell. “If there was a cure for Senioritis I’d sure use it on my students.”