Fashion Club


Jax Juarez

Many Bowie students are fashion icons.

Layla Salinas, sophomore, said she loves learning how to do details on clothing, she also added she’s also in a fashion design class which will help her with the new club.

“I really have an interest in learning fashion, mostly how to design,” said Salinas. “I’m already in a class for fashion so joining this club would be easy for me.”

Briana Reed-Jones, senior, said she wants to learn the basics of sewing and doing designs. Since she needed an extra activity, she thought I’d be a great idea to join a club she likes. She also added she’d recommend the club to anyone who is interested in learning new things.

“I’ve always been interested in learning how to sew properly,” said Reed-Jones. “As well as learn how to do my own design, It’s great that they did a club for fashion, we’d all learn more and have fun doing something we enjoy.”

Teacher Ms. Petry, the sponsor of the fashion club, said it was a hard time to get the club together at first when she wanted to try the program. Planning was done over the summer.

“We have 20 members in our club which is just the beginning,” said Petry. “Later on we’d have some guest speakers over, maybe visit Dallas Market Center, or have fashion shows for the students to enjoy. I’m excited to see how the students would respond by the fun activities.”