Winter Show

Many Bowie students attended an event held by the dance classes to show how well they performed.
Belles Captain, Arieon Bogan, senior, said she took time practicing very hard to make sure her groups and her performance would be splendid. She’s been in Bowie Belle for four years now and is continuing to learn new material and enjoying her time with peers.

“I’m not even sure how many hours we prepared for the show,” Bogan said. “We seemed to practice after school for about an hour or three learning the material was hard, but as soon as we learned everything, in the end, it went very good.”

Belles First Lieutenant, Julianna Geter, senior, said the practice wasn’t easy at first. People were struggling, especially people new to the class, but after a while, everything got in order. She’s also been in Belles for three years and counting.

“When I first joined Belles, it was very hard to grasp the material,” Geter said. “It was very easy for me, so learning for this dance show was so easy. I’m glad everything about the show went well, much better than last year.”
Junior Iraya Butter, who watched the show, said it went very great, everyone looked like they enjoyed the show, as well as the performances. Her favorite performance was one done by a young lady in the show singing “Hallelujah” for the audience.

“They performed so well,” Butter said. “Due to the fact they practiced so well, it showed during the performance, they were all so brilliant, I can’t wait for next year’s show.”

Silvia Gonzales, one of the dancer’s aunts, said the show was very entertaining, everyone did very well and tried their best. Her favorite part was all of the performances, they all came through to her.

“I can see they practiced a lot for this,” Gonzales said. “They all put so much effort to make this show look amazing, I’m so proud of all the performances tonight and know I’ll see more good ones later on.”