8th Grade AVID High School Visit

Connie Phan, Reporter

There was an eighth-grade AVID trip to their destined high school. The eighth-grade AVID students that are going to attend Bowie High School were here on December 12 to prepare themselves for next year.


“It’s been been an annual thing since two years ago.” said Ashlee DeFilippis, AVID coordinator.


Led by our very own AVID students and teachers, the eighth graders get a better understanding of high school. They learn where everything is, and how the credit system works.


The eighth graders split into groups then had a campus tour. The whole tour included presentations by the Bowie AVID counselors and interviews for into incoming AVID students.


They also had team building sessions at the tennis courts and a lunch break in the cafeteria, so the trip is not just about getting information.


Many students were excited to be in a new school but some seemed to be overwhelmed with the new environment.


“I didn’t expect the school to be so big!” said Whiton Nguyen, an 8th grader. “I might get lost here.”


The whole tour lasted from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. That’s a whole three hours and 30 minutes of touring Bowie High School!


Let’s just say, next year’s incoming AVID freshman are going to be well prepared and well informed.