A place to feel safe: Gay Straight Alliance

Many Bowie students have found comfort in a club making them feel better about who they are.

Caitlyn Peterson, sophomore said how wonderful she felt to be in GSA, and how acting like herself made her feel comfortable. At first when joining the club she was very worried but managed to grow accustomed to herself and those around with similar feelings. She also ended up becoming the president of the club recently after being a member for two years.

“I had been struggling with my sexuality for years,” Peterson said. “Not with my family but with my grandmother and other family members. I never had a way to escape before I learned about GSA, after freshman year I decided to be openly drag kind and openly bigender. I was different and felt like no one would date me or like me because of it, but now I feel free.”

Aryanna Mitchell, sophomore said her experiences being new to GSA and how she felt at ease. She had friends who helped her join the club considering she was scared people in the club would make fun of her but didn’t. Now she’s been in the club since August and has loved it. She also recommends people to join the club they’ll have fun.

“I joined GSA because honestly, it’s a place where I can be myself seeing as I’m bi,” said Mitchell. “I wanted to join a club where people value the same things I do such as equality. This club had helped me meet such amazing people and we all understand each other. We don’t have to hide our identities to anyone.”


Bekka Ware, sophomore informed us about her time spent in GSA where she had the courage to help other and find peace. As well as being a member for a year she recommends GSA to those who are afraid to be who they are.

“I joined GSA because not everyone has a voice that is in the LGBTQ community,” Ware said. “I joined to speak up for them. One of my good friends told me about GSA in freshman year but decided to join last year. It’s been a blast!”