Girl talk, what is it?


Josh Wells

Committee sign up at girl talk.

Josh Wells, Reporter

There is a community of supportive girls at Bowie, and you can find them in the library every Wednesday after school. Girl talk, is a after school club for the women here at Bowie. The club has two sponsors: Anita Resmini and Doris Morehead. The club meets after school every Wednesday in the library. The club first started 9 years ago with Morehead seeing that the girls could need someone to guide them.

“We’re here to celebrate every girl in their uniqueness” Morehead said.

The club covers a range of topics from depression, to dressing, self esteem, laws involving women and body image. The club has their first guest speaker coming in October 25, the guest speaker is going to talk about cancer. Along with the guest speakers, the club hosts a banquet at the end of the year to give awards to the club members. It hosts a friendly group of girls willing to welcome anyone to the club, and the club is not for just Bowier students. It is open for all of AISD and they encourage anyone to come.

“I feel as the club builds a community,” said Resmini.

They are hoping this year to have a club of 100 strong members, and as a community both Resmini and Morehead want the girls to feel safe and have people they can depend on. The club has even gained recognition with the school board as last year they were able to go to the school board on TV and talk to them about what their club is really about.

Club member Breanna Masty, described the club as “Powerful for young women.” Masty said and says that you can count on seeing her next year as a returning member. She is a part of the club’s music committee and will help them pick music for their events.