Fun activities over the summer!

Fun activities over the summer!

Jax Juarez

Many Bowie students had a fun summer.


Shakira Gonzalez, sophomore, said she did fun activities over the summer and went to Galveston.


“Well, I was mostly with my girlfriend,” said Gonzalez. “I was doing Ninja Warriors and working out at the park with my girlfriend, I also went to Galveston to the beach but didn’t swim because the water was nasty.”


Aide Hernandez, sophomore, informed us about her plans. She said at first she thought she wasn’t going to have a plans over the summer but did.


“It was very exciting,” said Hernandez. “I went to a lot of parties, went on interesting dates, and had many sleepovers.”


Sophomore Clarissa Luna had a summer full of adventures to concerts and her splendid time in Utah.


“I had summer school for a while but manage to go to Warped Tour which is a concert that has multiple bands.” said Luna. “I had to work most of the summer, without knowing close to the end of the summer my mother told me we were going to Utah,” added Clarissa. “In Utah I went hiking and had family game nights. It was so much fun!”