AP Preparation

Katy Nguyen, Staff Writer, Copy-Editor

During the month of May, everyone gets stressed about since it’s nearly the end of the school year. Students get stressed out about their grades, teachers worry about getting the grades in, and most importantly, the AP students and the AP exams. AP exams are during the first  two weeks of May. AP students crunch during the month of April to help prepare for the exams. Three students were asked about how they feel about the exams and what they are doing to prepared.

Senior Thommy Nguyen took two AP Exams, AP Chemistry and AP Calculus, and said, “I felt good about the exams.” He felt somewhat prepared. He attempted to prepare by reviewing his old material.

Junior Stephanie Tran said “I thought I did okay on the exams. I’m not too confident but I think I at least made a three.” She took the AP Biology, Chemistry, English and US History exams. To prepare, she said, “I went over my notes, redid problems from scratch and watched videos on the internet to help refresh my memory.”

Junior Riley Hart took the US History exam and felt unprepared. He tried to prepare by going over his notes and reviewing. When asked how he felt about the exams, he said, “I’m not a fan of them.”