Relieving stress

lypzy juarez

Volsvoice asked three students on how they relieve stress and these were their answers.

Siara Andrade told us she relieves stress by singing or finding another source to help her relax.

“I feel so much better after I sing my feelings out,” Siara states. “I find singing peaceful.” Siara adds on. “Or either I listen to piano music, it’s very soothing and helps me relax.”

Another Bowie student named Jenny Vizcaino relieves stress by going for walks in the park. It relaxes her mindset and views the world a little different.

“Being outside in nature very interesting,” states Jenny. “I focus on other things I never have before, like the way a tree grows or its shape,” said Jenny.

Our third Bowie student named Erika Chavez told us she reads books for a way of relieving stress.

“I’m not very fond of books but I manage to stay focused on the book for a long while, thankfully,” said Erika. “Reading frees my mind on my ‘problems’ that I have, and I end up enjoying what I am reading,” said Erika. “People should read more. It brings their mind to ease and, of course, their vocabulary gets good overtime. Reading is such a bonus.”