A Future after High School

Conversations with Seniors

Jaime Alcala, Online Editor

It’s now the beginning of April and spring has arrived. The weather is horrible and everyone’s allergies have been acting up lately.

My senior year is ending pretty soon and ever since the 7th grade, I’ve been forced to think how my future needs to be shaped. I’ve thought about my future classes, my college and my ideal major and a good paying career.

But for others, the pressures they face may be slightly different. Everyone has a different plan on life after high school and where their lives will take them.

Senior Amelia Carrillo said “My plans after high school are to attend the University of Central Arkansas and get my psychology degree. After college I want to work as a social worker for children.” Amelia has been at Bowie for all four years and is eagerly waiting to graduate this upcoming June. She says the hardest thing that she’s dealt with is getting over her procrastination. Something I know all too well.

“I hope to see change and growth in myself and the people around me” says Carrillo.

As for A.P. senior Erick Martinez, “I plan on attending A&M Commerce and majoring in finance and minoring in psychology”. The hardest thing he’s dealt with was “depression my first 2 years just due to all the pressure and out of school problems.” Many teens while in high school do get depressed by unnecessary pressure either from family, grades or just the future.

When asked about what change he hopes to see in the future he said, “I want to see people bound in the future and eliminate all the hate in the world and have everyone realize that we are all one race. The human race”.

Erick will be attending in-state education but plans on going out of state, if necessary, during the summer for internships.

IB Senior Kiara James plans on going to UNT to major in Film. When asked about the hardest thing she has dealt with, she said “IB and the dealing with all the assignments.” “I hope the world can be more open minded and and concerned with people’s wellbeing.”