8 Ball Popularity

Katy Nguyen, Staff Writer, copy editor

Recently, a game called 8 Ball Pool has been talked about around the school. Out of curiosity, three people have been asked why they believe the game is popular and their opinion on the game.

Senior Angela Tran believes that “8 ball resembles pool in a way and usually, since not many teens are able to have their own pool table, they can see it online or digital, so it’s more accessible.”

Senior Christian Gallardo agrees and says, “It’s easy to play with friends and it’s convenient.”

Junior Emily Anderson mentions how “everyone has their phone with them” which also makes it easier to be accessed.

Although it can be accessed easily via phone, it’s also fun to play, especially with friends and for a friendly competition.

Anderson says she enjoys playing the game because she’s competitive and likes to win.

Tran says, “Even though I lose all the time with my friends, it actually helps me improve in playing pool, even though I have not ever actually touched a pool table myself.”

In conclusion, the main reason for the game’s popularity is the fact that it is easy to access and that it’s fun to play with your friends.