And they were shining


Austin Crawford, Staff Writer


These Shining Lives is the first play that the Bowie Headliners take on this semester. A play written by Melanie Marnich, it focuses on the struggles of women in the workforce, during the 1920’s. These Shining Lives takes the true story of Catherine Donohue and her friends, while they stand up against a company secret.

These Shining Lives is going to be Bowie’s UIL show this year. UIL is a competition show. This year’s competition is going to be held at North Crowley High School. The show is being directed by Mr. Blount, with the help of his student stage manager, Kathryn Darwin.

Mr. Blount mentioned after the casting “ Everyone was so great, and it made things difficult on me to cast, but I kept thinking about the characters, and who I think will portray them the best.” In the end, he picked Ashley Cauthen, for the role of Catherine Donohue, Joseph Salinas as Tom Donohue, and Ashleigh Griffin as Charlotte.

Mr. Blount is very active during the rehearsals with his students, at one point he needed to get the students to act as if they were scared, and what got them going was like a game of chase, where Mr. Blount portrayed the tagger. This unique style of getting them into character showed great progress for all the students.

The students and Mr. Blount seem to be making great progress as far as the UIL competition goes. It looks like Bowie could be taking home the win this year.