Why is reading important?

lypzy juarez

Personally, I think reading is very important because as you grow up reading, your brain develops very strongly and you learn new vocabulary. Books are a tool we are given to expand our mind’s ability.

 Before you’re even a year old, your parents read you books with pictures, slowly pronouncing the word, and pointing at an animal or object in the book shown to you. Growing up you read at different levels, developing your brain, learning new or big words you probably didn’t know existed.

  Sometimes, finding out some people hate reading is really confusing to me. They’ll say it’s “boring” or “waste of their time.” Yes, a person may be busy with other activities, which is understandable, but boring? Reading is so interesting. You are using different parts of your brain that signal certain places like your eyes, processing a word, high vocabulary, even more to understand what the book is meaning to say or to show.

  I think reading should be important to every person. It helps your brain grow stronger and helps you learn new things that there is to know about a certain subject, activity, or just reading for the entertainment if it.