Right Here, Right Now!


Kellen Bienemy, Reporter

Senior Night!! The Bowie Vols hosted the Panthers of Paschal High School during the last home game of the season and the last home game for seniors. For the Bowie Vols this is a must win game.The Vols have a record of 7-2 overall and in district (4-2). The Captions for the game was (Senior.) Donoven Davenport, (Senior.) Braydon Johnson and (Senior). Livingston Paogofie. The Vols defeated the Panthers by a score of 51-7. As Bowie impressive win over the Panthers , they made it to playoffs and will face the Chargers of Keller Central.

“ I will be playing football at Oklahoma State University” , said Senior Braydon Johnson. “ My team is very important to me , they are like my blood brothers and I will try my hardest to fight for and with them” , said Senior Donoven Davenport.  The players of the senior night games were Senior Camron Gardner , Senior Braydon Johnson and Sophomore Ty DeArman. Ty DeArman had the game winning passing touchdown to Braydon Johnson, he also had two receptions for 57 yards. Braydon had 6 receptions for 59 yard and one touchdown. Camron Gardner had 6 carries for 29 yards and one touchdown.