Thanksgiving break


Lypzy Juarez

We asked a couple of students from Bowie about what were they planning on doing Thanksgiving break, here are their responses.

Sophomore Emani Hill who’s a sophomore babysitting on the days her mother works, going out shopping for all the food needed for thanksgiving. Striving to get her goal weight for a sport she plays.

“On Wednesday night we’re going to start cooking some food that needs to be cooked,” Said Emani. “If I have practice throughout the week I’m going to do that and strive to reach my goal weight. Thursday morning we’re going to continue to cook and watch the parade,” Added Emani. “When the time comes we’re going to eat and watch the football game as a tradition.”

Sophomore student who’s named Tierra Thompson who is going out of town to visit her relatives in New Orleans, she also will be driving around town to see memories of events that took place there or new things to see.

“We will most likely talk and catch up on the time missed being away from each other, Said Tierra. “Then we’re going to eat for Thanksgiving and enjoy our time.”

Our last person we interviewed was a senior named Michael Quinones who’s planning on spending time with family and working

“I’m planning on spending time with my grandparents,” said Michael. “If one of my dad’s friends comes over I’m going to spend time with this daughter, but hopefully work too.”